If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
— J.R.R. Tolkien

Kevin Brauch: a 6-time Canadian Gemini Award Nominee and Gemini Award Winner, Brauch’s  broadcasting career began in earnest, after graduation from Ryerson (B.A.A. Radio & Television), as on-air personality, ’Revvin’ Kevin' at CFNY - FM102.1 . 

Television was the next obvious step and took him to TVOntario as producer, writer and host of the kids, tweens and teens 4 hour, live, after school block of programming: TVOKids. The live block of programming allowed Brauch to create two award-winning shows for tweens: Off The Hook (OTH) and, the 'Get off the couch and do something!” Series, STUFF.

From there, a three-year stint on HGTV’s Canadian Gardening Television, a failed one-year 'convergence' project at CBC Toronto and then onwards to the solidification of Brauch’s career spent at Food Network, Food Network Canada, Discovery, SKY Travel (The Thirsty Traveler, Iron Chef America, SuperStar Chef Challenge, FOOD F!&#T)

Discovery/HDTV also played a home in Brauch’s career; hosting & v/o the light-science docu-series Mega World. 

Public & Motivational Speaking, Hosting, Consulting, F&B Industry, Teaching & Education are other areas where Brauch spends much of his past and current time while not on screen

Thirsty Traveler 2002 -2008

Thirsty Traveler 2002 -2008

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2004 - 2014 – Iron Chef America: The Series, Floor Reporter (231 episodes)

2012 – Iron Chef America Countdown, Floor Reporter

2011 – Beringer Great Steak Challenge, Host

2010 – Super Chef Battle: Iron Chef America, Floor Reporter

2010 – Chef Off, Host

2002 – 2008 – Thirsty Traveler, Host (58 episodes)

2008 – Discovery Channel Megaworld, Host

2007 – 2011 – The Next Iron Chef, Floor Reporter

2006 – DaVinci: Unlocking the Genius, Host

2005 – Superstar Chef Challenge, Host

2004 – Iron Chef American: Battle of the Masters

2004 – The Making of Iron Chef America